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What is gene editing and CRISPR-CAS9?

  Altering the DNA or gene sequences present into the genome of an organism is called as a gene editing. The alteration may be addition or deletion. CRISPR-CAS9 is the system used as a gene editing tool in recent days.   In simple words, we can describe the gene editing as editing the messages of

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How to prepare lysis buffer for different types of DNA extraction methods?

A crucial step in genomic DNA extraction in any DNA extraction protocol is to lyse the cell. Breaking the cell wall or nuclear membrane with the help of different types of chemical, physical and enzymatic method is called as lysis or cell lysis.   In this article, we are discussing different types of cell lysis

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Different methods of nucleic acid purification

Different types of nucleic acid purification methods are available for different types of tissue. Alcohol purification, silica gel column based purification, agarose gel-based DNA purification, automated nucleic acid purification and chemical based nucleic acid purification methods are commonly used in genetic laboratories. In fact, the nucleic acid purification is followed by the extraction method or

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