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Linking Number: A Topological Feature of DNA

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  Linking number is a topological property of DNA. Linking number is a sum of twists and writhes. The numbers of time one strand of DNA turned around another strand is called as a twist while inter-coiling of the double helix is termed as a writhe. In short, writhe is a number of a time […]

Different types of mutation

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Different types of mutation depending upon its effect. Morphological mutation The mutation which affects the outer characteristic or physical characteristic of an organism is called as a morphological mutation. This type of mutation alters the physical properties like shape, size and colour of an organism. Lethal mutation A mutation which causes the death of an […]

Microbial genetics: A rapid advancement in microbiology

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How microbial genetics can be used in the identification of different Bacteria   Since the discovery of DNA, it becomes a useful diagnostic tool. In cancer studies, species identification, diagnosis of inherited disease and in other research field different types of genetic tools are routinely used. Microbial genetics gained substantial attention in recent years. Microbiology […]

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