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Epigenetic class 2: How epigenetic alteration helps us evolving and surviving in all condition?

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How epigenetic alterations influence our life. Humans are originated from the African subcontinent and migrated all over the world. Epigenetic alterations make us adaptive in all conditions. Actually, migration, selection, genetic drift and mutation are the major forces which help us to evolve and survive. Unfavourable conditions can create a mutation in our genome and […]

Role of alcohol in DNA extraction

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“Reaction between solute and solvent creates an insoluble solid substance, called as a precipitate and the process is termed as precipitation.” DNA extraction is a very important step in genomic research and diagnosis. Purity and quantity of DNA always matter while performing any downstream applications. The purity and quantity of DNA depend on the chemical […]

Epigenetic class 1: What is epigenetic?

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Different types of epigenetic modifications in the genome.   “ Change in phenotype without a change of genotype or change in the phenotype is results from an alteration in gene expression, not by a gene mutation.”   Alteration in the phenotype of any character is originated from a change in genotype. If any mutation occurs […]

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