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Role of Telomeres in ageing

Do the telomeres of the human chromosomes have any role in ageing? the answer is “Yes”. Telomere and ageing: The human chromosome is made up of a complex network of the protein and DNA which fits DNA inside the cell nucleus. The telomere and ageing process are co-related. In the year 1939, Muller and McClintock concluded that

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A Complete Guide of the Polymerase Chain Reaction

  If you are a geneticist or a student of genetics, probably you know about the polymerase chain reaction. The PCR or The polymerase chain reaction is an in vitro process of DNA replication. In this article, I will Give you the complete guide of the polymerase chain reaction process. The Polymerase chain reaction is

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Phenol chloroform DNA extraction: Basics, preparation of chemicals and protocol

Phenol-chloroform DNA extraction method is a well known and widely accepted DNA extraction method since long. We had discussed the history and outline of different types of DNA extraction method in our previous article.  Please read the article here, different types of DNA extraction method Phenol, chloroform and isoamyl alcohol are top three ingredients which

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