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Trinucleotide repeat expansion disorders

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The mechanism involved in triplet repeat expansion and related disorders   In the last article, we have covered the inheritance pattern of different types of chromosome in which we have discussed the inheritance of Huntington’s disease and fragile X chromosome. The Huntington’s disease and fragile X syndrome are occurred due to the imbalance in trinucleotide […]

Different types of inheritance pattern

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Autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, X linked dominant and X linked recessive inheritance. The human contains 23 pairs of chromosome. 22 pair of autosomal chromosomes and a pair of sex chromosomes. Each gene is present in two copies on two homologous chromosomes. “An alternative form of the gene is called as an allele”. It is possible […]

Prokaryotic DNA replication: Replication class 2

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How does replication occur in prokaryotes? In 1963, J Cairns reported the process of replication in E.coli bacteria by autoradiography. Replication is a process in which a DNA molecule is copied. From thedouble-stranded DNA, two daughter dsDNA is generated and is transferred to two different daughter cells. Before proceeding to this article please read the General […]

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