Category: Immunogenetics

Immunogenetics class 3: T cell gene rearrangement

What is T cell receptor and How T cell receptor diversity is generated? What is MHC molecule and How different gene segment for MHC is arranged?     As like B cells, T cells are also a significant cell type of immune system. Same as B cells, Even, T cell produces surface receptors which recognize

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Immunogenetics class 2: antibody diversity

How antibody diversity occurred. How different gene segment for different antibody chains are arranged.   Antigen specific antibody is produced by each type of B lymphocyte cells. It is believed that human genome contains only around 15000 to 20000 genes, than how the diversity for different antibody gene segment is originated? Some of the proposed

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Generation of Antibody Diversity

Antibody diversity is one of the most complicated subjects in molecular genetics, yet, it is very interesting. The generation of antibody diversity is governed by the rearrangements of different antibody coding gene segments. In this article, we are majorly focusing on an overview of how antibody diversity is generated, what are the antibody coding gene

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