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Prokaryotic DNA replication: Replication class 2

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How does replication occur in prokaryotes? In 1963, J Cairns reported the process of replication in E.coli bacteria by autoradiography. Replication is a process in which a DNA molecule is copied. From the double-stranded DNA, two daughter dsDNA is generated and is transferred to two different daughter cells. Before proceeding to this article please read the […]

DNA Replication class 1: General process of DNA replication

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“Replication is an enzyme governed process, in which new DNA molecule is formed by the process of semi-conservative DNA replication.”  DNA replication is a process in which new DNA is formed (copying DNA). Four new single strands of DNA (2 double helix), are generated in a semiconservative manner of DNA replication. The basic mechanism of […]

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