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Sex determination

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How sex determination varies from species to species? “A biological process by which sex of an individual is decided under the influence of genetic or environmental factor”. Sex determination is a complex biological process in nature. Different species have a different type of sex determination mechanism. Male produces male gametes and female produces female gametes […]

Mutation class 1: What is mutation?

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“Under the influence of environment and other adverse conditions, any alteration in nucleotide sequences of DNA is termed as mutations”. The term mutation was coined by Hugo De Vries. It is an important phenomenon in nature for the creation of variation. In routine life, we are faces so many unfavourable conditions- like adverse medication, contrast […]

Story of Chromosome

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History Chromosomes were first observed by Wilhelm Hofmeister, in 1848. Later on in the year, 1883 Wilhem roux speculated chromosomes as a carrier of genetic information. Structure How DNA is arranged on the chromosome is a complex process. Let’s start with the DNA itself. DNA is a double-stranded molecule and helical in shape. Imagine a […]

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