Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

The Genetic Education never share the information of readers or clients to anyone. We collect the information of readers through subscription in the form of an email address. We do not collect personal information. Further, Google collects your cookies to serve ads on the website. Visit Google for the terms and conditions of using cookies. We do not share, sell, transfer any of the personal information of readers to any of the third-party website or person.

How we use the information?

We collect information from readers to improve our performance, to improve their reading experience, to improve costumers user experience. Furthermore, we send emails to our subscribers in response to their feedback, inquiries and queries. We send emails for the promotion of some products as well.

How we use cookies?

We use cookies from your mobile. Cookies are only used for increasing users’ experience. We use cookies to understand your search Preference for future visits and searches.

How we use third party links?

We may include some third party links to our website for product promotion, service promotion, affiliate links and other useful links to external websites. Still, we never disclose any of the search data of the reader or customer.

In case you visit any of the external links from, you have to read the privacy policy of that third party website. Genetic Education is not responsible for that. By using our website you consent to our privacy policy.

Ezoic Services

This website has an exclusive advertising contract with Ezoic Inc. (“Ezoic”), a renowned leader in website optimization, enhancing user experiences, optimizing ad performance, and generating revenue through advanced AI-powered technology. Ezoic may employ a variety of technologies on this website, including to display advertisements and enable advertising to visitors of this website. For additional information about Ezoic’s advertising partners, please see Ezoic’s Advertising Partner Page here.

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