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The Function of dNTPs in PCR reaction

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The function of dNTPs in PCR is to expand the growing DNA strand with the help of Taq DNA polymerase. The dNTPs are bind with the complementary DNA strand by hydrogen bonds. The PCR is an in vitro technique of DNA synthesis. The purpose of performing PCR is to generate multiple copies of DNA fragment […]

A Comparative Review Between Qubit vs Nanodrop

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A comparative review between Qubit vs Nanodrop: Between Qubit vs Nanodrop, Nanodrop always wins the race against Qubit. However, Qubit has its own importance in comparison with Nanodrop light. So in this article, we will go through the detailed comparison between both instruments. We will review both products as well. We will discuss the chemistry […]

The XX chromosome in male: A case of sex reversal

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You heard it right. I am talking about the XX chromosome in a male. XX chromosomes are universally present in a female. However, not frequent but XX chromosome may present in a male. In this article, we will discuss the rarest type of genetic defect which is uncommon in nature.  The role of the XX […]

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