Proteinase K DNA extraction method

Proteinase K is one of the best DNA extraction methods till date. The method is accurate, reliable and fast. The proteinase K DNA extraction method is also called as an enzymatic method of DNA extraction because of the important role of proteinase K enzyme in the DNA extraction. In this article, we will discuss the

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Role of Telomeres in ageing

Do the telomeres of the human chromosomes have any role in ageing? the answer is “Yes”. Telomere and ageing: The human chromosome is made up of a complex network of the protein and DNA which fits DNA inside the cell nucleus. The telomere and ageing process are co-related. In the year 1939, Muller and McClintock concluded that

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The polymerase chain reaction

A Complete Guide of the Polymerase Chain Reaction

  If you are a geneticist or a student of genetics, probably you know about the polymerase chain reaction. The PCR or The polymerase chain reaction is an in vitro process of DNA replication. In this article, I will Give you the complete guide of the polymerase chain reaction process. The Polymerase chain reaction is

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