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[Basic] PCR Course

Learn about the basic concept of PCR including videos, PDFs, quizzes and more…

[Advance] PCR Mastery Course

Learn about the advanced concept of PCR including videos, PDFs, quizzes and more…

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Explore various categories based on your interest. We have written articles on almost all topics. Starting from basic genetics to gene therapy.

DNA Sequencing

Read articles on DNA sequencing, technical tips, optimization strategies and various types.

DNA Extraction

Read articles on various techniques of DNA extraction, strategies to achieve good yield, protocols and more.


Explore articles on Polymerase chain reaction and sharpen your PCR skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Genetic Education?

Genetic Education is an online website that serves high-quality content including blogs, articles, research, courses and ebooks on genetics and related topics.

Why Is Genetic Education Required?

Genetic Education is required for a life science student to uplift their scientific career.

What you will learn at Genetic Education?

At Genetic Education you will learn about DNA, genes, chromosomes, RNA, gene therapy and other related topics.

Does Genetic Education provide hands-on training?

No, we do not provide any hands-on training on any techniques. However, we have articles, videos and other resources to demonstrate particular techniques.

How does Genetic Education help me?

At Genetic Education Inc. You will learn about the techniques like PCR, DNA sequencing, microarray, karyotyping, etc. This will help you to improve your technical skills.

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