Month: June 2018

Can we track animal migration by eDNA?

Is it possible to track migration by molecular genetic techniques? DNA technology immensely applicable in relatively all biological science. The scientist can use molecular genetic research tools independently in their respective fields. DNA technology is applicable in disease diagnosis, identification of an individual, paternity verification, genomic research, microbial identification and fossils identification.  Molecular genetic revolutionaries microbial

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Microbial genetics: A rapid advancement in microbiology

How microbial genetics can be used in the identification of different Bacteria   Since the discovery of DNA, it becomes a useful diagnostic tool. In cancer studies, species identification, diagnosis of inherited disease and in other research field different types of genetic tools are routinely used. Microbial genetics gained substantial attention in recent years. Microbiology

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Epigenetic class 2: How epigenetic alteration helps us evolving and surviving in all condition?

How epigenetic alterations influence our life. Humans are originated from the African subcontinent and migrated all over the world. Epigenetic alterations make us adaptive in all conditions. Actually, migration, selection, genetic drift and mutation are the major forces which help us to evolve and survive. Unfavourable conditions can create a mutation in our genome and

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