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PCR primer design guidelines

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PCR primer design guideline: PCR primers are similar as like primer involved in DNA replication in vivo but the major difference between both types of primers are, PCR primers are DNA primers while the in vivo replication primers are RNA primers. In this article, we are discussing the PCR primer and their properties along with […]

DNA fingerprinting

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DNA fingerprinting technique and its applications “Identification of individual on the basis of its DNA data or DNA profile is called as DNA fingerprinting.” DNA fingerprinting has many other names, DNA profiling, DNA testing, DNA analysis, Genetic profile, DNA identification, genetic fingerprinting and genetic analysis are some of the common names used for DNA fingerprinting, History […]

Trinucleotide repeat expansion disorders

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The mechanism involved in triplet repeat expansion and related disorders   In the last article, we have covered the inheritance pattern of different types of chromosome in which we have discussed the inheritance of Huntington’s disease and fragile X chromosome. The Huntington’s disease and fragile X syndrome are occurred due to the imbalance in trinucleotide […]

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