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DNA packaging in eukaryotes

Molecular organization of eukaryotic chromosome “The DNA wrapped around histone octamer is called as a nucleosome” In the previous article “ story of chromosome” we had covered the history and structure of the chromosome in brief. The chromosomes are the basic unit of hereditary. DNA is arranged on the chromosome and made up of nitrogenous

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Sex determination

How sex determination varies from species to species? “A biological process by which the sex of an individual is decided under the influence of genetic or environmental factor”. Sex determination is a complex biological process in nature. Different species have a different type of sex determination mechanism. Male produces male gametes and female produces female

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Story of Chromosome

History Chromosomes were first observed by Wilhelm Hofmeister, in 1848. Later on in the year, 1883 Wilhem roux speculated chromosomes as a carrier of genetic information. Structure How DNA is arranged on the chromosome is a complex process. Let’s start with the DNA itself. DNA is a double-stranded molecule and helical in shape. Imagine a

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