Month: June 2018

Role of alcohol in DNA extraction

The role of alcohol in DNA extraction is to precipitate DNA into the visible form. In this article, we will discuss the chemistry behind the DNA precipitation, the role of water in DNA precipitation, the role of salt in DNA precipitation and the role of alcohol in DNA precipitation.   “Reaction between solute and solvent

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Epigenetic class 1: What is epigenetic?

Different types of epigenetic modifications in the genome.   “ Change in phenotype without a change of genotype or change in the phenotype is results from an alteration in gene expression, not by a gene mutation.”   Alteration in the phenotype of any character is originated from a change in genotype. If any mutation occurs

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Genetic markers

Different type of genetic markers “Genetic markers are known DNA sequences which can be used for studying any kind of polymorphism”. A pen marker is used to mark some important sentences from the entire textbook and we can use it in exams, papers and other assignments. Similarly, genetic markers are some important and know regions

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