Month: September 2018

DNA digital data storage

DNA digital data storage: In recent years digital data is a very important part of our life. Our personal data such as personal information, our digital keys, digital wallet information, passwords and bank details are some of the crucial data that must be stored very securely. The computer stores our data on its physical storage

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Agarose gel electrophoresis

Agarose gel electrophoresis: equipment, principle, protocol and application. Agarose electrophoresis is an important technique in genomic research. It separates biological molecules based on their size and charge. It is used for the separation of DNA, RNA, protein and even other biological molecules. In the early 19th century, Johann Wilhelm Hittorf et al., stated that “Under

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Review of Qiagen QIAxpert

Our honest reviews on Qiagen QIAxpert DNA quantification machine. Our team has vast experience in research and diagnosis in Molecular Cytogenetics. We have used so many instruments during our research work. We have worked on different types of PCR, quantification machines, microarrays, sequencers, and other related instruments.  After discussing from the past two days, we

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