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DNA Replication class 1: General process of DNA replication

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“Replication is an enzyme governed process, in which new DNA molecule is formed by the process of semi-conservative DNA replication.”  DNA replication is a process in which new DNA is formed (copying DNA). Four new single strands of DNA (2 double helix), are generated in a semiconservative manner of DNA replication. The basic mechanism of […]

Story of Protein

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Structure and function of the protein molecule. “A macromolecule made up of a long chain of amino acids which is an essential part of life on the earth” History Gerhardus Johannes Mulder, a Dutch chemist first discovered the protein in 1837. However, the name protein is given by Berzelius in 1838. Protein is a long […]

DNA story: The structure and function of DNA

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  In this series of articles, we will discuss the history of DNA in addition to the structure and function of it. let us start with the short introduction about DNA, Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid, DNA is a hereditary unit of all living organism on earth. It inherits characters from one generation to another.  DNA contains […]

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