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Different types of mutation

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Different types of mutation depending upon its effect. Morphological mutation The mutation which affects the outer characteristic or physical characteristic of an organism is called as a morphological mutation. This type of mutation alters the physical properties like shape, size and colour of an organism. Lethal mutation A mutation which causes the death of an […]

Mutation class 2: Different types of mutation

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What are the different types of mutation? Any alteration in a nucleotide sequence of DNA is called as a mutation. At a molecular level, single nucleotide to several nucleotides may alter nevertheless at the chromosomal level, entire segment or several gene segments can alter. The alteration may be addition, deletion, substitution or translocation. We will […]

Epigenetic class 2: How epigenetic alteration helps us evolving and surviving in all condition?

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How epigenetic alterations influence our life. Humans are originated from the African subcontinent and migrated all over the world. Epigenetic alterations make us adaptive in all conditions. Actually, migration, selection, genetic drift and mutation are the major forces which help us to evolve and survive. Unfavourable conditions can create a mutation in our genome and […]

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