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Epigenetic class 1: What is epigenetic?

Different types of epigenetic modifications in the genome.   “ Change in phenotype without a change of genotype or change in the phenotype is results from an alteration in gene expression, not by a gene mutation.”   Alteration in the phenotype of any character is originated from a change in genotype. If any mutation occurs

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What is genome?

“A genome is an organism’s entire single set of DNA which have all the information need for an organism to grow”. The genome consists of all the genes in each cell. Remember each and every cell of our body has a same genomic composition, except germ cells. Genes are organized on chromosome during the metaphase stage

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Story of Chromosome

History Chromosomes were first observed by Wilhelm Hofmeister, in 1848. Later on in the year, 1883 Wilhem roux speculated chromosomes as a carrier of genetic information. Structure How DNA is arranged on the chromosome is a complex process. Let’s start with the DNA itself. DNA is a double-stranded molecule and helical in shape. Imagine a

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