Important Websites (or Free Resources) For Beginners to Learn Genetics – Genetic Education

Important Websites (or Free Resources) For Beginners to Learn Genetics

Hey, are you curious about genetics? Are you a beginner or new to genetics and find it difficult to discover correct and beginner-friendly resources to learn genetics? Here is a list of 9 important and beginner-friendly websites for you. 

You can get comprehensive and basic knowledge of genetics from here. 

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Genetics Home Reference

Website: Genetics Home Reference

Genetics Home Reference is a comprehensive resource managed by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The resources offered by Genetic Home Reference are information on genetic conditions, genes, and chromosomes. 

Students can explore detailed summaries, and gene reviews, and understand the role of genetics in health. In addition, individuals seeking reliable and trusted information on genetic disorders and the underlying genetic factors associated with various health conditions get more benefits. 

Moreover, the website isn’t solely prepared for students only, a broad audience, including patients, families, students, and healthcare professionals can get the information for understanding genetic concepts and their implications in health and disease.

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Learn Genetics by the University of Utah

Website: Learn Genetics

Learn Genetics is an educational platform managed by the University of Utah. It offers interactive and engaging resources to enhance understanding of not only genetics but also other subjects as well. 

Besides genetics, other information provided includes evolution, human health, cell biology, neuroscience, plants, ecology, etc. It provides a variety of multimedia materials, including animations, virtual labs, and interactive simulations.

The present platform is user-friendly and provides fundamental genetic concepts, such as DNA, genes, and heredity. In addition, the platform provides knowledge for students, educators and anyone interested in genetics. 

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YourGenome by Wellcome Genome Campus

Website: YourGenome

YourGenome online platform is managed and developed by Wellcome Genome Campus. It’s an educational platform offering resources on very basic genetics and genomics. 

It has a simple, engaging and interactive layout which is also easy to navigate. For basic learning, it has interactive videos, activities and a genetics glossary.  While for individuals curious about studying disease, have a dedicated section for the role of genetics in health and disease.

The wide range of topics it compares are genetic conditions, genetic testing, and the impact of genomics on medicine. Moreover, students can explore interactive features, case studies, and educational materials ready for different levels of expertise.

Put simply, the present platform is available for students, healthcare professionals, or simply, interested in genomics. I personally recommend visiting this website to enhance your learning experience. 

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DNA Learning Center

Website: DNA Learning Center

The DNA Learning Centre is managed and Developed by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The varieties of educational materials provided by the present platform are online courses, virtual labs, and multimedia resources, etc. 

A wide range of resources and educational materials provided by the DNA Learning Center are related to DNA, Genetics and Genomics. The present platform isn’t only for beginner students but also for a wide audience including, the common public, researchers, educators and healthcare professionals. 

Interestingly, the present platform is entirely different from other resources as it provides hands-on experience, virtual lab trips, training and education. The interactive nature of the materials allows users to explore genetic concepts more comprehensively and with hands-on experience. 

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National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

Website: NHGRI

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) is developed and managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, NIH and combined.  It is a leading institute in genomic research but also provides basic and valuable genetic resources for students. 

For beginner students, they have interactive resources such as factsheets, infographics, Timelines, Talking glossaries, teaching tools and community outreach. NHGRI is my first recommendation for students to start learning genetics here. 

However, the institute mainly conducts research on the Human Genome Project and notifies regarding the updates and latest findings. The NHGRI website serves as a hub for information on genomics research and gives us the latest discoveries and news on genomics. 

We can say, that the NHGRI website is a platform for learning basic genetics and staying updated on genomics research. 

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Scitable by Nature Education

Website: Scitable

Scitable is an educational platform by Nature Education that focuses on genetics and the life sciences. It’s a learning platform for students, teachers and researchers, mainly. 

The topics covered by Scitable are molecular biology, genetics, genomics, evolution, the latest research and student blogs. In addition, the information is provided in the form of e-books, text and other interactive multimedia. 

The blog section encourages students to post their articles and participate in the discussion through comments. However, the platform is live but no activities were reported for a long time. 

Still, if you’re a student looking for reliable information or a researcher interested in the latest developments, Scitable provides a dynamic environment for learning and staying informed in the field of genetics.

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Bitesize Bio

Website: Bitesize Bio

My third personal recommendation for beginner students to learn genetics and basic lab skills is Bitesize Bio. You do not need to buy an expensive course to enhance your genetic learning or research skills if you explore Bitesize Bio.

It offers a wealth of articles, guides, and resources that cover various aspects of molecular biology, including genetics techniques and laboratory practices, instrument reviews, etc.  

So the platform is for researchers, students, and professionals looking for practical guidance, tips, and troubleshooting advice in the laboratory. The platform’s concise and informative content makes it a go-to resource for individuals seeking practical knowledge and expertise in genetics and related disciplines.

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Khan Academy – Genetics

Website: Khan Academy – Genetics

Khan Academy’s Genetics section provides accessible and free educational content on genetic concepts. Through video lectures, practice questions, and interactive exercises, Khan Academy helps learners of all levels understand the fundamentals of genetics.

It’s like a free online course where you can learn various aspects of genetics through text, videos, and activities. They usually cover topics related to basic genetics and genomics but not related to any practical things.s 

Khan Academy’s user-friendly approach and engaging visuals enhance the learning experience, making complex genetic principles more understandable for a broad audience.

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Genetic Education Inc. 


Our own platform Genetic Education Inc. is developed and managed by Dr Tushar Chauhan. Our platform mainly serves knowledge on practical things like PCR, DNA sequencing or microarray, we also have dedicated articles on basic genetics. 

Students can learn about the structure of DNA, RNA or chromosomes, inheritance patterns, basics of gene testing and related topics. 

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Wrapping up:

Genetics is a fascinating science field, however, if you do not get the basics well, students find it difficult to understand it. These basic resources I guess can help you learn genetics. In this next article, I will list and explain 9 important websites for college students to learn genetics.

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